Security research

Posted: Aug. 25, 2022, 11:02 a.m. - Full Time - Remote

We're hiring a Security Research (Intern) to join our team @ FourCore.

At FourCore, we're building a Cybersecurity platform to improve the security posture of organizations with cyber-attack simulations.

As a Security Research Intern, you would work with the founders on developing adversary simulations, security tools and exploits for Windows and Linux.

You can check out some of our open-source security tools to get a taste of what you will be working

EDRHunt ( firedrill ( wintoken (


📝Work with the founding team to develop, research and maintain adversary simulations and payloads for the FourCore ATTACK platform.

📝Write simple, clear and maintainable code and tools.

📝Work across the stack including Windows, Linux, Cloud.

📝Develop exploits and vulnerability PoCs in Go.

📝Write technical articles for our blog.

You are someone:

✔️ With experience in Go, Powershell and Bash and other scripting languages.

✔️ Experience with Git.

✔️ Good to have understanding of Windows and Linux Internals.

✔️ Good to have experience and understanding of open-source adversary simulation tools.

✔️ Having a deep interest in offensive security, especially Windows security.

✔️ Who can translate threat intel reports and vulnerabilities into Go code, PoCs and scripts .


🎮If you play Valorant, we'll sponsor a Valorant skin of your choice

Our tech stack:

⚒️Our backend is built in Go, and the Frontend is built in React. All of it is hosted on AWS.

⚒️All of our code is hosted on GitHub, and we use GitHub Actions for CI/CD.

⚒️We work across platforms, including Windows and Linux, cloud and endpoints, building attack simulations mimicking actual attackers.

This is a paid remote internship.