Internal red team expert

Posted: July 22, 2022, 8:25 a.m. - Full Time - Navi mumbai

Job Position- Red Team Expert for Internal Cyber Security Team responsible for the Group.

Job Description- 1. Understanding of MITRE Framework and Kill Chain 2. Experience on Open Source Intelligent Gathering 3. Experience in Active Directory/ Authentication Services Security testing 4. Experience in Network Pentesting 5. Experience in infrastructure Pentesting 6. Experience in Red Teaming (External or Internal) and understanding of protection controls 7. Knowledge of Metasploit / PowerSploit / Mimikatz / Impacket / Cobalt Strike / any CnC framework 8. Bypass Securtiy Controls / Security Solutions

Essential Knowledge- 1.Good understanding of system internals 2.Good understanding of OSI Layers and networking concepts 3. Understanding of common Application architecture, different components and structure 4. Scripting language in Python / Powershell (security testing script/ utility/ tool development) 5. Programming language c / c++

Desirable- 1. Knowledge of Exploit development / Exploit modification 2. Exposure on Security Research/ Ethical Hacking acivities

Certification- Advantage/Preference will be given to candidate holding- 1.CEH / OSCP / OSCE / CRTP / CRTE / any offensive security certification