Information security consultant

Posted: Jan. 6, 2022, 1:01 p.m. - Full Time - Pune

Eligibility Criteria - - Experience : 2 to 4 years - Certificates : CEH,OSCP preferred - Education : BTech, MTech, or BE/ME, in Information Technology Roles and Responsibilities : * Perform network pen testing of Telecom Network * Activities include Manual Network pentesting, exploit using exploits kits or custom exploits. * Validation of Certain Parameters from OS/WebApp/Telecom Specific Nodes * Experience with Red and Blue teaming or equivalent. * Understanding of Internet protocols (i.e., DNS, HTTP, TCP, UDP, TLS, IPSEC, SMB,SCTP). * Coding/scripting experience in modern scripting languages (i.e., Python, Ruby) * Solid understanding of vulnerabilities reported and the ability to conduct impact analysis of security threats. * Serve as escalation for risk assessment team as it relates to outstanding security risks

You will get to work on Following Technologies: * 5G Core Network * 5G Radio Network * 5G Roaming

We need to fill this position on urgent basis