Devops engineer

Posted: Oct. 26, 2021, 5:38 p.m. - Full Time - Work from home

In this role, you will provide consulting services, assess existing architecture, and design and implement new ones. You will work closely with R&D and DevOps teams and be the focal point for identifying and solving complex security challenges.

This is a hands-on job development-focused role with the goal of ensuring products adhere to the stringent security requirements.

This is a yearly - auto renewal contract.

  • Implement the SDLC process on different platforms
  • Implement Security controls such as SAST/ DAST/ 3rd party vulnerability scanner
  • Conducting security assessments, architecture reviews, and threat modeling of the application stack Demonstrate excellent judgment inprioritizing security efforts to mitigate the appropriate risks Maintain good security hygiene in software development by working with Engineering teams
  • Improve processes, tools, and documentation that will support production security requirements
  • Work with DevOps and QA to define security monitoring, alerting, and reporting to identify actionable security intelligence Coordinate external vulnerability scans and penetration testing, and review vendor quality and effectiveness

Desired Skills and Experience :

  • 2+ years of hands-on experience in a security engineering role
  • Solid experience with designing and running secured applications with SSDLC, vulnerability tracking, logical access controls, identity management, data loss prevention, intrusion detection, WAF, API protection, and DDoS prevention technologies.
  • Strong coding skills.
  • Experience with standard web application security tools
  • Strong understanding of common security attacks and their remediation
  • Experience with identifying, tracking, and solving security vulnerabilities in Open Source components used as third-party dependencies