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Posted: Oct. 5, 2021, 10:50 a.m. - Full Time - Permanent work from home

Security Brigade is looking for Senior Security Consultants who will be involved in managing the team of junior security consultants, project reviews, delay tracking, and customer expectation management. They will be responsible for security assessments and penetration testing of application and enterprise environments as well as security research and development of security tools, processes, and testing methodologies

Key Tasks and Responsibilities

·         Train and manage the team of consultants to perform application penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, source code reviews, and configuration reviews.

·         Profile an application, identifying threats, and developing test cases to target identified threats.

·         Identify and exploit vulnerabilities in applications and networks

·         Manage project timelines, deadlines, and expectations - including customer interactions

·         Interact with customers in a collaborative consultative manner to deliver results, provide feedback and remediation recommendations on findings

·         Research emerging security topics and new attack vectors

·         Write tools and scripts to automate technical processes and make audits more efficient

·         Act as a SPOC for major customers and manage the project deliveries


·         Ability to lead and manage a team of 2 – 3 people. Prior team management experience is a plus.

·         In-depth understanding of security issues, exploitation techniques and remediation measures

·         Ability to follow an in-depth manual testing process and not just run automated tools and copy paste results

·         Development knowledge of any current programming languages

·         Strong understanding of software and application security

·         Strong oral and written communication skills

·         Involvement in software community via OWASP, WASC, Null, ClubHack and/or open source development is highly desirable

·         Track record speaking at major security conferences such as OWASP Appsec, SANS Appsec, and Blackhat, Nullcon is highly desirable

·         Intercepting proxies (i.e. Burp Proxy, Charles Proxy, Webscarab Proxy, Paros Proxy, etc)

·         Experience with Network Architecture Review and Firewall Rule-base Audit.

·         Experience with Source Code Review and Application Architecture Review will be a plus.

·         Ability to work on multiple complex assignments simultaneously.

·         Proven ability to excel and innovate.

Good To Have

·         Knowledge or experience of Bug Bounty / Open Source

·         Experience in Customer Management and Team Management

·         Certification CEH|OSCP

·         Hands-on experience of Scripting Languages like python / perl etc.

Candidate Profile / Criteria :
TLDR - Passion > Education
We don’t require a B Tech or BSc degree, but plenty of the team has them. We always look at capabilities and experience first.
Candidates with published advisories, tools, research papers, generally anything that can demonstrate you know your stuff
when it comes to web and
mobile applications will be preferred.

About Security Brigade
delivering high quality services
through expert driven Security Brigade is a pure-play information security consulting firm specializing in manual testing. Founded on the core belief that “Great audits are done by great auditors - not expensive tools”,
Security Brigade’s approach is built around strong processes that enable auditors to conduct in-depth manual security audits.
Security Brigade is based out of Mumbai, India and was founded in December 2006. It conducts thousands of audits a year for
organizations such as:MakeMyTrip, Network 18, Tata Group, HDFC, Vodafone, IRDA, Reliance Money,
Netmagic Solutions among many others. For more information,
Security Brigade a CERT-In empanelled founded on the core belief that “Great audits are done by great auditors - not expensive tools”. Our proprietary E.D.I.T.E platform provides a workflow based testing engine that encapsulates the complete audit process. It allows expert auditors to focus on in-depth manual testing while assisted by a combination of proprietary, open-source and commercial technology