Senior mobile security analyst

Posted: April 27, 2021, 5:23 p.m. - Full Time - Mumbai

The Senior Mobile Security Analyst is responsible for developing and maintaining the internal expertise in mobile software and more particularly in the security of systems and applications executed on mobile devices. This will include the analysis of Android and iOS applications embedded in mobile like products under evaluation, the development and the realization of high level penetration tests.

  • Code review in customer offices or UL premises to analyse the evaluated product. Once the vulnerability analysis is done the engineer defines the test plan with the project leader.

  • Perform software penetration testing to evaluate mobile applications or TEE trustlets used in mobile solutions with regards to reverse engineering (static and dynamic) and protocol attacks.

  • Projects report writing in compliance with the laboratory and industry best practices rules. Contribute to the team R&D attack tools development, new attack development, analysis tools.

  • Security activities requires engineer to be at the state of the art, and more … Research, development and the realization of innovative attacks on products under evaluation are task to be considered.

  • Master or Bachelor degree in Computer Science with 3+ years' experience in mobile environment systems and applications (Android, iOS, Windows)

  • Deep knowledge in Android development, in related tools and development languages (Java, C, C++, Assembly), in Linux environment and Linux security. Knowledge in reverse engineering on binaries and applications and reverse engineering tools.

  • Knowledge of mobile devices micro controller architectures including TEE (Trusted Executions Environment) would be highly appreciated.

  • Knowledge on security countermeasures on software developments obfuscations and de-obfuscation, whitebox cryptography and related attacks.

  • High analytical skills

  • Ability to communicate with clarity and efficiency. Will be able to demonstrate aptitude and a strong potential to learn quickly

  • Enjoys working in a team and has the ability to engage their colleagues

  • Flexible with travelling and able to work independently, to be innovative and creative Loves technology, often being curious wanting to know more and hunger for knowledge

  • Good level of English

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