Forensic consultant

Posted: Feb. 10, 2021, 10 a.m. - Full Time - Gurgaon

Job Description: • Can perform end to end computer forensic investigation, including digital evidence collection and preservation, analysis, recovery of evidence from systems, server, email extraction, and database examination.
• Able to identify artefact and evidence locations to answer critical questions, including execution, file access, data theft, anti-forensics, and detailed system usage by an adversary.
• Should be proficient with forensic techniques and the most commonly used computer forensic tools used to preserve and investigate electronically stored information, such as Encase and FTK
• Perform investigation of network and hosts/endpoints for malicious activity, to include analysis of packet captures, and assist in efforts to detect, confirm, contain, remediate, and recover from attacks
• Able to deliver technical presentation, training and talks whenever required.

Qualifications: • 0-2 years of relevant professional experience
. • Know about leading Digital Forensic investigations and Incident Response activities • In-depth knowledge of various Endpoint/Network/OS devices.
• Strong knowledge on Cyber Security, Operating System and Computer Network Concepts
• Good understanding of computer networks (firewalls, routers, ports, switches, network design), application issues/vulnerabilities, viruses, malware etc.
• Proficiency in using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel.