Compliance auditor

Posted: Nov. 24, 2020, 11:14 a.m. - Full Time - Hyderabad

Compliance Auditor Responsibilities:
· Managing the training, organization, scheduling, and task assignment for Auditing staff.
· Developing compliance auditing plans based on thorough research on studies conducted by government agencies and professional organizations.
· Conducting, managing, and overseeing external and internal audits.
· Reviewing all relevant programs and activities affected by industry regulations, including records, reports, and software.
· Recommending and implementing changes to address procedures and practices that are not compliant with industry regulations.
· Analyzing potential risks within the company and its practices to avoid possible compliance issues.
· Tracking reported company violations and the responses and plans regarding these allegations.
· Analyzing existing compliance records and making all necessary updates.
· Compiling reports on the results of external and internal audits and presenting these reports to the relevant supervisors and department heads.
· Attending educational and professional development programs to improve your job knowledge and enhance the compliance department’s reputation.
Compliance Auditor Requirements:
· Bachelor’s degree in the relevant industry.
· Completion of a relevant industry-specific certification, such as Certified Internal Auditor.
· A minimum of five years’ auditing experience.
· An in-depth understanding of the industry’s rules, guidelines, and regulations.
· Strong attention to detail, analytical, and statistical skills.
· Good computer skills and experience with relevant software programs.
· Strong communication and multitasking skills.
· Dedication to objectivity
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