Senior consultant for ot ics scada cybersecurity

Posted: Oct. 28, 2020, 4:28 p.m. - Full Time - Doha

Job Purpose: Responsible for Following activity:

Development, Implementation and management OT security policies, standards and procedures that will ensure the protection of OT infrastructure, control systems and data.
Ensure alignment of security policies/standards and risk mitigation with IT/OT infrastructure frameworks (e.g., ISO 27001:2013, NIST, ITIL, VPDSF), and the Corporate IT frameworks etc.
Work with Asset Management, Operations & IT teams to develop patching regimes specific to Process Control Systems.
Perform Vulnerability Assessment and penetration testing on SCADA/ICS/OT systems (Layer 0,1,2).
Review and assess security controls and configuration associated with SCADA, ICS and OT system.
Secure Network Architecture Review for complex network SCADA/ICS/OT.
Reverse Engineering of Firmware & Protocols (Like: Backnet, Modbus, ProfiBus, EnternetIP/CIP, DNP3, IEC 104, IEC 61850, ICCP , Device Net).

JOB Location: Qatar

JOB Type: Full Time

Other Benefit: one Calendar Month Paid Holiday with Air Fare up to nearest international airport.

Required Qualification, Skills & Experience:

Industrial experience(3+ Years) across multiple industrial vertical markets, e.g. Water, Oil & Gas, etc. would be desirable
Knowledge in penetration testing, programming, networks and operating systems would be an added advantage
Strong interest in the field of cyber security in industrial control systems and internet of things.
Bachelor’s Degree in computer applications or technical qualifications like Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering/Bachelor’s Degree in Technology/MBA/or Equivalent.

• Desired Certifications:-

SANS: Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional (GICSP)
ISA: Certificate 1: ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Fundamentals Specialist
ISA: Certificate 2: ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Specialist
ISA: Certificate 3: ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Design Specialist
ISA: Certificate 4: ISA/IEC 62443 Cybersecurity Maintenance Specialist
OSCP/OSEP/OSCE/CISSP/GXPN Equivalent certifications (preferred).

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