Project manager

Posted: May 30, 2024, 11:37 a.m. - Full Time - Pune

Payatu’s goal is to create an environment where every organization and individual feels empowered, safe, and secure in the cyber-world. This means building a powerful eco-system combining people, process, and technology, enabled by knowledge and wisdom to achieve our objective. To transport Payatu’s vision into reality, we invite smart, talented, and passionate people to join us in this journey and take it to the next level.

We are in need of a guardian angel for our bandits - someone who is thoughtful, empathetic, and experienced and will be responsible for the tactical and strategic management of the team. We are looking for a project/bandit leader who can promptly accept change and make decisions. As the bandit leader, you will be responsible for the initiation, implementation, and timely and correct completion of projects. You will monitor and report on the progress of projects. In this position, you will also drive a continuous improvement culture. Your role would be to support the company to advance in quality, efficiency, and service orientation. You will be the face of the company and will be responsible for taking the Payatu image to the next level.

Who are you?

– A technical genius with a drive to lead people.

– A passionate cybersecurity professional with an unruly desire to do good.

– Extremely calm under pressure.

– A challenging environment allows your real strength to shine.

– Incredibly organized and detail-oriented.

– You are Impressive communicator with a passion for a meeting, interacting and influence people.

– Your hunger and curiosity drive you to be self-educating and self-motivated.

– You think outside the box to find and develop new and creative solutions.

– You understand the difference between leading and managing people.

What will you do?:

– You will lead our projects and delight our highly quality conscious customers with successful project execution and delivery.

– You will be responsible for developing project scopes and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders, and ensuring technical feasibility.

– Establish and manage a pragmatic, detailed plan (schedule) to ensure the projects are executed on time and meet the client's goals.

– Measure project performance using appropriate systems, tools, and techniques.

– Ensure resource availability and allocation.

– Deliver results within stipulated timelines.

– Communicate well using verbal and written skills, within and out of the team.

– With your enthusiasm and positive attitude, you will motivate the team to work together and deliver the best result.

– Understand and explain the assessment report to higher management with impact on business and compliance status.

– Identify the new business opportunity while working with the client.

– You will help the business development team to create a statement of work.

– Keep up with new research and share the same with the community.

What should you have?

– Strong fundamentals of OS, network/application protocols.

– Stronghold on web/mobile/cloud application security concept and penetration testing skills.

– Stronghold on network infrastructure security assessment.

– Excellent command over at least one programming/scripting language.

– You have experience in working with the service and consulting industry.

Why you will love working here:

We are in a world that is ever-changing. The only constant thing is our need for connections. Payatu is a believer in creating a creative, inspiring, and fun environment where people can work, grow, and live. How do we achieve it? Through our team of exceptionally talented, motivated, and lively people that embrace the cybersecurity spirit and work together in making the digitally connected world a secure place. We face challenges together and we win together. Payatu is the perfect place for you if you seek purpose, mastery, and autonomy in your work environment.