Sr. security analyst

Posted: Sept. 27, 2023, 11:16 a.m. - Full Time - Ahmedabad

We are looking for Penetration Testers who have a strong offensive technical skillset, who can discover and exploit vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in a range of different environments, alongside having the ability to communicate issues clearly and concisely for customers; breaking down complicated technical issues is a crucial skill in order to provide value to clients.

An overview of the main duties has been provided below:

· Perform formal and comprehensive application penetration testing assessments

· Provide well-written, concise, technical and non-technical reports in English

· Perform vulnerability assessments and provide findings with remediation actions

· Support with various client pre-engagement interactions, including scoping activities and proposal drafting

· Manage and deliver penetration testing project activities within strict deadlines

· Research application and infrastructure components within the wider team to identify new vulnerabilities and follow responsible disclosure

· Assist in scoping calls and discussions with customers to ensure that client needs are met.

Skillset, Experience and Qualifications:

· Proven industry experience in network and application penetration testing

· Strong understanding of OWASP, PTES and other penetration testing methodologies

· Strong knowledge in testing mobile applications (iOS/Android)

· Knowledge of how modern web apps are designed, developed and deployed across different platforms

· Strong knowledge in preparing and launching social engineering campaigns

· Ability to program or script in your preferred language

· Good understanding of network and OS principles

· Solid knowledge of various technologies, including associated security vulnerabilities and exploits

· Relevant security qualifications (such CEH, PNPT, OSCP)

· Strong analytical skills

· Excellent written and spoken English languge abiliy .