Posted: Feb. 17, 2023, 7:01 p.m. - Full Time - Hyderabad or bangalore

Job Description: Our Company two sections of which the Security Assurance section is in-charge of performing regular black-box, white box, and grey box tests on all System functions and devices, conducting in-depth penetration tests as well as keeping up with recent weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The team is also responsible for verifying software security for any source code developed across Hardware platforms, Apps, and cloud.

Candidates with less than 45days Notice Period are preferred Key Experience & Skills: ✓ Penetration Testing (Web App, Cloud App, Hardware, API) ✓ Security Code Review, Device Security Testing ✓ Rich Manual Testing Hands-on skills ✓ Information Security Professional with an experience of 3-8 Years in Security Research & Penetration Testing ✓ Extensive experience of 5-7 years in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration testing, Web Application security considering advanced attacks such as Second Order SQL, DDOS, etc ✓ Experience in automated web application vulnerability scanners like Burp Suite, Hp web inspect etc ✓ Secure Code reviews ✓ API assessments ✓ Ethical hacking/Whitehat/blue hat/red team activities ✓ Documenting security findings and reporting ✓ Remediation support in the closure and follows ups to secure the solutions ✓ Faster adaption to the technologies, frameworks, coding languages & keeping security fundamentals alive ✓ Continuous learning on the job ✓ Knowledge of web Application security testing (Black, white, and grey box) testing

Qualifications: ✓ Mandatory certification: CEH,OSCP
✓ At least Bachelor’s degree in Network Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Information System, or any equivalent degree/experiences.